Dance Assistants

KP Mentors

Kababayang Pilipino’s Dance Assistants are experienced and seasoned dancers with the company.  They help to teach dances, mentor new dancers and act as technical resources.

Michelle Correa

Dance Director (Youth)

Michelle’s love for dance began at age 5. She took ballet classes until she was 14 years old. Her passion for dance reignited when she met Kababayang Pilipino in 1996. Over the years, Michelle has performed in all of KP’s major productions and has travelled all over Canada and the USA and most recently, various cities in Italy. Michelle is a mother to four daughters whom all share the same passion for dance and will be taking part in Ipasa. Teaching KP Kids since 1999, Michelle feels privileged to be able to pass on her knowledge and passion for Filipino Folk dance to young dancers. She hopes to be a positive role model for young dancers, to inspire them to work hard, and to unleash their passion for the performing arts.

Melanie Losanez


Melanie is a senior dancer with Kababayang Pilipino and has been an active member since 1998. After being crowned Miss Philippine Independence in the mid 90’s, her passion to keep involved with our Filipino community grew stronger, with interests shifting from singing to dancing.

She spearheaded the 1st ever Hip Hop Dance Squad in high school, as part of her Cheerleading season, and continued with Hip Hop for a number of years. Longing for something more meaningful to her, she ventured out to Kababayang Pilipino (with a little help from a friend – now husband)…and the rest, as they say, is history.

Melanie, being a kid-at-heart, immediately jumped at the opportunity to teach our KP Kids three years ago. She was confident that our Filipino culture, dances, and history will live on through our younger generation. She enjoys seeing the progress week to week, and is equally excited and motivated when she can see the children learning and having fun at the same time! Her passion to teach is continually fulfilled with each smiling face!

She is honored and privileged to share the stage once again, with her daughter, Lauryn, fellow dancers, and amazing children!!

Iris Miranda

Dance Director

Iris joined Kababayang Pilipino halfway through its 3rd season in November 1996. From the moment she watched her first practice she has been filled with awe for the Filipino culture with its inspirational dance and music. The KP experience has embedded itself into Iris’s life, into her heart, where it is not easily left aside. Even when Iris went away for school she practiced with her videos and traveled back to share KP’s much anticipated 10 year anniversary. Dance has always been a passionate part in Iris’s life, with previous history in Ballet, Jazz, Gymnastics and musical background in piano, but it is with Kababayang Pilipino, and its loyal family, that she has found her true love.